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Israel-Hamas war updates, Gaza death counts…

 The Israel-Hamas war has actually upset the utmost of the nations taking in America, China, Russia and indeed India.The conflict bolted on 7th of October 2023, when Hamas crusaders targeted the major metropolises of Israel with nearly 3000 Rockets in 20 minutes. Israel also responded to this and started an unforeseen attack on the Gaza strip on Saturday morning. The Israeli ministers have declared a complete seize of food supply.water force and electricity force on Gaza.

Israel-Hamas war

On 18th of October Gaza was massively hit by a rocket which killed further than 900 people. In this war more than 1400 people have been killed in Israel and around 3000 have been injured. According to the Health Ministry of Gaza more than 7,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza.

Israel said on Thursday that a group of tanks and army conducted a night time eruption in Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “when we will enter Gaza we will collect full price from the manslayers, the perpetrators of the terrible atrocities of Hamas-ISIS. I call formerly again to the non-involved population in Gaza Strip.”

 US President Joe Biden also expressed his opinion on Wednesday. It has to stop. They’ve to be held accountable. It has to stop now. ” Biden said this at the launch of the news conference with the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in Washington. Hamas is treated as a terrorist association by numerous countries. With the increase of mortal casualty in Gaza there’s a rise of International concern and the United Nations has presented a draft resolution on Saturday.



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