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Israel Hamas war – Surgical Strikes on Gaza

A surgical strike was carried out in Gaza by the IDF on Friday, which was intended to damage only legitimate targets of Hamas. Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan said that his country was not waging a war with the Palestinians but with Hamas. Earlier on Thursday the Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said “when we enter Gaza, in the continuation of fighting, we will collect full price from the murderers, the perpetrators of the horrific Hamas-ISIS. I once called to evacuate the south of Gaza Strip.”

The US military forces said on Thursday that the US military has conducted airstrikes against two facilities in eastern Syria, which were used by corps of Iran and affiliated groups. The Palestinian ambassador said at the UN meeting, urging to stop the war. In response the Israel representative in the UN said that their goal is eliminating Hamas.

The United States has deployed warships, and fighter aircraft, including two aircraft carriers and has increased the number of troops in this region. Amid rising international concern about humanity, the United States has presented a draft on Saturday. The Israeli defense forces will continue ground raids on Gaza in the coming days. The IDF continues the strikes against Gaza from air and sea. The Israeli military forces are more interested in killing the head commanders of Hamas and destroying their infrastructure.

In Israel, the families of the hostages held by Hamas have sent a heartfelt plea to the Israeli government, expressing that they can no longer endure the wait. They are urgently calling on the government to take immediate action.

What’s happening in Gaza today?

Hostage estimate: The Israeli military raised its estimate of the number of captives held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip to 224.

Casualties: The Hamas controlled Gaza Health Ministry said that more than 7,000 people have been killed in Gaza so far. They have also published the names, ID and ages of those who were killed.

US aid to Israel: The senators proposed a bill that would split off Israel aid from Ukraine funding.

Gaza’s invasion: Israeli officials said that the raid was an effort to lay the groundwork for an invasion, as the troops are prepared for the urban war.

Humanitarian aid: The United Nations on Thursday said that their operations aiding Palestinians are paralyzed in Gaza due to the lack of fuel. The Palestine Red Crescent Society says that 12 aid trucks entered Gaza through the Rafah border crossing Egypt on Thursday carrying water, medicine,and food.

The Israeli military has expressed doubts about the casualty numbers in Gaza.



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